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The Raving Patients Podcast

Sep 16, 2022

Keeping well-organized clinical records it's one of the most challenging parts of running a dental practice - one single mistake could put your practice in serious legal trouble. So, what can practice owners do to protect their business?

Roy Shelburne is a dental professional, consultant, and speaker with more than 36 years of experience in dentistry. As a practice owner, Roy learned the importance of proper record-keeping the hard way. His unfortunate experiences with the law inspired him to become a speaker and help practice owners improve their record-keeping practices.

Today, Roy joins me to share his unique story, the lessons he learned from his experiences, and a few valuable tips for practice owners on how to avoid potential legal risks. Tune in to find out more!

We discuss the importance of documentation, billing, and coding and why your whole team must be careful, concise, and diligent regarding clinical records.


Key Takeaways 

  • These clinical record-keeping mistakes could doom your practice (00:00)
  • Roy's story and lessons from his unfortunate experience with the law (01:30)
  • Potential legal risks practice owners should know about (10:41)
  • The importance of documentation (18:44)
  • How a single team member's mistake could put your practice at risk (23:54)
  • How can dental practices reduce record-keeping errors? (28:05)
  • Lightning round questions (30:43)


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