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The Raving Patients Podcast

Apr 20, 2018

Carolyn Barth, CEO of, is a Content Strategist and storyteller. Nominated for 10 PR awards (8 for Digital PR, 1 for 2017 Chicago Innovation Awards, and 1 PR News Top PR Women of 2018). Wow! All because she began a wonderful journey five years ago helping a non-profit and scientific journal with its PR.

A fun challenge started her path. Help four new words-prosthodontist(s)/prosthodontic(s) get introduced to American consumers by teaching members grassroots, national, and social media strategy. For example, Prosthodontist's Digital Dentistry saves patients time, money, visits and pain. Want access to new tech/digital dentistry? Find a local prosthodontist.

Now she works with innovative tech companies and C-Suite execs, who are frustrated because they aren't well-known to fill sales funnels or considered the industry authority to win a client's trust (and business). She helps them get known to win customers, business, top-tier earned media, and respect that results from your reputation as being an authentic, "go to" industry leader.

Aim to be known? We make you into KOLs and thought leaders.
Ready to scale yet can't figure out what's holding you back? We diagnose why and offer solutions.