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The Raving Patients Podcast

Jan 15, 2021

On this Facebook Live series converted into a podcast, Len sits down with Paul Lowry to discuss how to revolutionize your dental membership plan.

Some takeaways from this episode include:

  • Allow patients to customize and choose what they want in their plans.
  • Utilize a rewards program to increase plane retention, treatment acceptance, and referrals.
  • How do you match the revenue to each patient with the services received, and then credit the appropriate provider?
  • Membership plans should be a marketing tool (new patients and retention)


Dental Menu is a complete platform that allows dental providers to offer subscription plans directly to their patients. Easily create a ‘menu’ of services for your patients, empowering them to select and build a plan that suits them.   What does that mean? A simple path to more patients on your plans! Finally a solid alternative to dental insurance for the uninsured.


Paul Lowry is a small business expert who specializes in marketing.  For the past 10 years he has generated thousands of patients for dental practices. Three years Aho he co-founded the Brigham Young University in Advertising and Marketing and an MBA in Utah State University.