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The Raving Patients Podcast

Apr 19, 2019

Jared Parente is the CEO of Dental Warranty Corp, and has committed the vast majority of a highly-entrepreneurial career to growth opportunities in healthcare. Focused on the dental and medical aesthetics markets, he generates results by creating better patient experiences– built on game-changing concepts in service, and disruptive supporting technology.

Along the journey Jared has held influential roles with early stage ventures and growth stage companies alike, has consulted independently with various practices and SMBs, and has collected broad contracting experience– ranging from the introduction and distribution of medical aesthetic lasers and energy technology in the US, to strategic marketing and product positioning with one of the largest financial SaaS platforms in the world. He has been interviewed on multiple top podcasts in dentistry, and draws insight from a network spanning the industry’s leading influencers and hundreds of practices he has had the opportunity to both impact and learn from.

Jared is based in Dallas, Texas.