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The Raving Patients Podcast

Oct 2, 2020

On this Facebook Live series converted into a podcast, Len sits down with Heath Brantley to discuss the 3 key pain points for patients: Fear, Money and Time.  Technology helps us with all 3 of these.  As it relates to dental education, taking time off from the practice to travel is not practical for many and education is tinged with a lot of corporate bias it seems.  We focus on practical solutions and have a fairly agnostic view when it comes to what we teach and recommend.


Topics that are covered in this episode include: 

1) Laser Dentistry

2) Wendell Learning Center and its philosophy- we offer in person, small class size. 

3) COVID-19 caused us to shift to an online model which has proved to be successful. Trying a new format of videos: narrated and uncut dental videos

Dr. Heath Brantley is the owner and founder of both Wendell Family Dentistry and Wendell Learning Center which provides dental continuing education in a small group environment and focuses on “smarter dentistry, happier dentists.”    He is passionate about incorporating technology to enhance patient experience and increase efficiency.  Dr. Brantley believes that patients are smarter than ever and aware that dentistry is a service, an art, and not a commodity.  They value dentistry that saves them time, appointments, and that is comfortable.  Technology allows us to diagnose more accurately and treat faster with significantly less discomfort.