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The Raving Patients Podcast

Oct 23, 2020

On this Facebook Live series converted into a podcast, Len sits down with Geri Gottlieb to discuss how we mange life both inside and outside the practice. Having systems in place for open and honest communication was very important before the pandemic, and even more so now.


Takeaways from this episode include: 

  1. Communication Rhythm
  2. Stress and Importance of Trust
  3. Collaborative Tension
  4. Watching teams and leaders feel the stress of the continued Pandemic and the affect on team morale and communication. 


With over 28 years in the dental industry, Geri has useful experience in everything from practice management and patient treatment to administration and leadership. In addition to having owned two large periodontal practices with her husband Dr. Bob Gottlieb. Launching her own business in 2019.  Geri now understands even more so what it takes to successfully grow and develop a business from the ground up. This experience, and her continuous education gives her a better understanding and empathy of the multiple silos in our industry; clinical, leader, manager, and owner.


Always looking to accumulate more knowledge and understanding; Geri has certifications in adult learning, Behavioral Therapy, The the Five Behaviors of a Team and DiSC Behavioral Assessments. These allow her to generate unique insights into the personal needs of each member of your team. She also spent 4 years as a lead coach with ACT Dental Practice Management and Motivational Speaker Kirk Berhendt.

Geri’s passion for organizational health, team and leadership development are the foundation of her coaching philosophy, and are some of the necessary ingredients for sustainable growth and development of any business.