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The Raving Patients Podcast

Oct 30, 2020

On this Facebook Live series converted into a podcast, Len sits down with Robert Marcus to discuss the app that Robert has personally used for years in his office to increase his case acceptance. It is part of a larger narrative. And, it is his goal today to share the narratives and mindset that he recommends to help doctors be more productive.


Takeaways from this episode include:

1) In dental offices that I visit around the country I find a case acceptance is around 50%.


2) Case presentations largely center around money and insurance and rarely are emotional.


3) There is a better way, using this app, to present cases.


Dr. Marcus (Bob) hung up his scrubs in 2019 and moved to the education and coaching field. Many doctors consider him a mentor given his 26 years of experience with treatment of all types. He is the founder and President of Kick Your Apps, Inc., the company that brought DDS GP to the dental field.  He also lectures nationally on CEREC and related subjects. Bob is ready to take your practice to new heights!