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The Raving Patients Podcast

Dec 25, 2020

On this episode of the Raving Patients Podcast, Len sits down with Ken Rochon to discuss The Keep Smiling Movement, as well as amplifying goodness through reviews.
The Keep Smiling Movement is a nonprofit that Amplified Goodness. We are a Society Merging International Leaders and Entrepreneurs for Social Responsibility (S.M.I.L.E.S.) They take photos of people all over the world holding Keep Smiling cards and for some of them, we document their stories of how they came to smile after trials and tribulations and how they create smiles for others. These images are posted in themed books and we also support additional 16+ other nonprofits with advocacy and awareness including issues related to Veterans, Homeless, Orphans, Cancer Survivors, and more. They are currently seeking Dental Partners for providing dental health care, dental implantology, and dental cosmetic surgery. 
Ken Rochon is an accomplished serial entrepreneur, who has established his successes with The Umbrella Syndicate, Big Events USA, Perfect Publishing, & Absolute Entertainment, a DJ business. He is a Social Proof Celebrity Event Photographer, International Keynote Speaker, Published Author of 26+ books, and Forerunner of the nonprofit organization "The Keep Smiling Movement" He is Past Honoree as Most Influential Business Connector.& Entrepreneur of the Year. Ken's primary focus is to support and promote great leaders, authors & speakers. He reaches about 45,000 FB users per week and he helps 800+ FB pages grow w/ Amplification campaigns &; event strategies. His page has 100,000+ clicks of engagement a week, making it one of the most active social media pages w/ 947+ 5-star reviews!
However, Spreading Love & Acceptance with the NonProfit Keep Smiling Movement which doubles as an International Marketing Strategy for Speakers, Businesses & NonProfits is his passion as well as his love for his 6 year old son Kenny who lights up his life with his laughter.