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The Raving Patients Podcast

Oct 11, 2019


Known as “The Naked Dentist” for his column in Dr. BiCuspid, Curtis Marshall has a unique passion for dentistry with over 10 years of experience in practice management, dental coaching, and operations, along with years of experience in marketing and communications.  As a founding team member of Dental Intelligence, Curtis utilizes his passion and skills to help dental professionals nationwide take their companies to the next level. Dr. Bret Tobler said, “Curtis is a fantastic motivator. He is energetic, charismatic and personal. He is the kind of guy who makes friends wherever he goes. He’s been a great resource for growing and promoting our business.”.



Status quo (what is happening right now in dental offices with metrics)

Morning Huddle

Case acceptance

Empowering team with reporting (the power of reporting, not reports)