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The Raving Patients Podcast

Sep 23, 2022

There's so much that needs to be done in a dental office daily, and with the Great Recession, finding someone to work at the front desk is becoming harder and harder. Fortunately, there's a much faster and cost-effective alternative to scale your dental practice in 2022! is a virtual healthcare staffing company founded by doctors to assist medical and dental practices in meeting their staffing needs - at a fraction of the cost.

Steven Kupferman, practicing oral surgeon and Co-Founder of MedVA, joins me today to discuss the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant, why it's a fantastic option for dentists who want to scale their practice, and how to get started. Tune in to find out more!

You'll also learn how MedVA leverages a customized training curriculum vetted by top professionals to adapt to your specific workflow and improve your dental practice's efficiency.


Key Takeaways 

  • The fastest and cheapest way to scale your practice in 2022 (00:00)
  • Steven's background and journey (01:34)
  • How MedVA can help dental practices scale at an affordable cost (04:04)
  • What practice owners need to know before hiring a virtual assistant (10:34)
  • The main reason many dental practices are hiring virtual assistants (15:36)
  • Can a virtual assistant improve the patient experience? (21:20)
  • Lightning round questions (27:16)


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