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The Raving Patients Podcast

Sep 11, 2020

On this Facebook Live series converted into a podcast, Len sits down with Jessica Emery to discuss how she created a 100% FFS practice from scratch, & how marketing has been essential in keeping the practice running. 


Topics covered in this episode include:

1) 100% FFS practice in heavily saturated area of Chicago, making over 7 figures

2) Importance of social media marketing

3) Content Creation

4) Juggling it all (being a mom, being the breadwinner in the family, working full time, managing multiple businesses)


Dr. Jessica Emery is a wife, mother to 3 young kiddos, a daughter, a sister & an aunt! She was born in Massachusetts, but now lives in Chicago! She is the owner of several companies including Sugar Fix Dental Loft, Dental Soiree, Soiree Stock, White Haute Teeth. She also has Instagram accounts that she runs for those businesses, as well as Dr. Jessica Emery and Dental Girl Gang. Sugar Fix Dental Loft is a 100% Fee-For-Service dental practice that she opened from the ground-up over 12 years ago. White Haute Teeth is a whitening bar that offers flights of white! Dr. Jessica Emery is her personal space where she shares all about her life, dentistry, travel, fashion, etc. dental soiree is her dental digital marketing company. They specialize in content creation unlike any other company out there!  Her final business is Soiree Stock- a place that they’ve created beautifully styled stock photos for dentists as well as hashtags & captions. She also has 2 podcasts:  The Dental Diaries and Dentists Get Social!